Welcome to the Rural Municipality of Blanshard, featuring the communities of Oak River and Cardale. We invite you to visit our region and experience the small community values to be found in Blanshard. The R.M. of Blanshard is made up of an area of 216 square mi. and has a population of about 526 people. Grain and mixed farming are the backbone of the economic base of the municipality.

Our municipality is a friendly community with a sense of harmony and security. Agriculture provides a strong economic base while well developed infrastructure, roads and housing, allow for light industry - providing jobs and accommodations for those commuting to larger centers for work.


Oak River Inn Hours of operation:
Wednesday 4pm – 1am
Thursday 11am – 1am
Friday 11am - 2am
Saturday 11am – 2am

Shenanigans Hours of operation:
Monday - Wednesday - 8am-7pm
Thursday - 8am - 4pm
Friday - 8am - 4pm
Sunday 8am -7pm 


The cost of living is one of the lowest in southwestern Manitoba. The purchase price and tax rates remain low in the municipality providing affordable housing. Developers can build in our community without the worry of high property taxes. For more information about the real estate in Blanshard municipality, contact Way-Mor Agencies at 566-2490 or 328-5264.