Pettapiece Cemetery

Pettapiece CemeteryThe Pettapiece Cemetery was established in 1882 on land owned by William Shanks. It is located in the S.E. corner of 24-13-21 WPM (approx. 8 km N and 1.6 km E of Rivers, Manitoba)

The Ephriam Graham family arrived from Ontario in mid-March l982. With them came their invalid thirteen year old daughter Laura. Her death in June of that year was the first in the community. Mr. Graham with his neighbor, William Shanks, walked over their adjacent land seeking a suitable location for the burying ground. Being wet that spring, high ground on the south-east corner of Mr. Shanks' homestead (24-13-21) was chosen. The grave was marked with a picket fence.


St. John's Cemetery

St. John's CemeteryThis small cemetery is located in the NE corner of the NW 1/4 of 12-13-22 W Prime in western Manitoba. It is on Township Road 74 about 1/2 mile east of Range Road 127. It lies between Oak River (about 6 miles to the northwest) and Rivers (about 9 miles to the southeast). For a brief period this area was known as Wheatland after a log schoolhouse built in 1883 immediately to the east of the cemetery. Shortly afterwards, it was replaced by the Uplands School and the district, including the church and cemetery, became popularly known as Uplands.


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